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quem somos n1Our company produces leather for shoes, leather goods, garment and upholstery.
We produce wet blue hides, crust and finished leather, in grain or splits.
We wish to satisfy our customers and their clients, by developing and producing leather, always looking for quality improvements.

Our principles are to be socially and environmentally responsible, as we are committed with the human being.
In order to offer you, excellent and competitive products, we continually develop our technology, processes, working team and our supply.

To build a solid and long lasting relationship, is our priority. We are helping our customers to build their own success for more than 45 years....Respect, truth, fairness, build up our credibility. Our goal is to communicate with transparency and clearness.

If you are still not our customer, please consult with our nearest agent. Curtidora Itauna, the best leather specially made for you.